Oxera and Oliver & Ohlbaum’s Study: The impact of cross-border access to audiovisual content on EU consumers


In a joint study, economic consultancies Oxera and O&O analysed the impacts of the European Commission’s proposals on the audiovisual sector, as part of its Digital Single Market Strategy.

Although these initiatives are intended to increase the availability of content across Europe, the study demonstrates hey are likely to have the opposite effect for both European consumers and the audiovisual industry in Europe: up to €9.3bn in short-term welfare loss per annum, and up to €4.5bn on a medium- to long-term basis.

Consumers would gain less access to content and/or higher prices, particularly in smaller or lower income Member States. Additionally, less content would be produced, as these measures would undermine the current financing system of exclusive and territorial licensing.

Eroding the territoriality of audiovisual rights would expose the industry to considerable losses in revenues, which affects cultural diversity and quality across Europe.

Download the study here to learn more.