Creativity Works! believes that in launching its Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Commission has an opportunity to bolster Europe’s natural strength: its cultural diversity.

The creative and cultural sectors are fully embracing the digital opportunities brought about by the fast technological developments especially over the past few years. They provide more works and services online than ever before to satisfy an ever increasing and diversified consumer demand: Europeans can access over 2 million e-book titles, view audiovisual works on over 3,600 video-on-demand services, and listen to over 37 million licensed tracks on 230 licensed digital music services.

We look forward to working with the Commission to ensure the Digital Singe Market aligns with the EU’s jobs and growth agenda. Our sectors contribute over €509 billion to Europe’s GDP and employ some 7 million people. As the Commission seeks to find ways to sustain this level of employment and further encourage job creation and economic growth, an effective Digital Single Market, underpinned by a strong copyright regime, would enable the creative and cultural sectors to maintain this significant contribution to Europe’s economy.

As its work progresses, the Commission will need to carefully evaluate all possible economic and legal consequences of modifying the current framework for copyright on businesses small and large, consumers and Member States legal traditions. It will also be important to fully take into consideration the views expressed by all stakeholders during its consultation, giving each their due weight. The principles of ‘Better Regulation’ will be an invaluable guide towards ensuring that the Digital Single Market is truly in Europe’s interests.

Current CW! Chair Jan Runge said:

“A true digital single market requires a good deal of work on a number of issues: broadband access, taxation, digital skills, payment systems, fair competition online… Progress in these areas will ultimately help Europe in its efforts to create new jobs and economic growth.

Creativity Works! sees the digital market as an opportunity for all cultural and creative players – whether large or small. However, for that promise to be fulfilled, the digital market needs to be competitive, diverse and fair. Copyright is the key foundation for creativity in the digital market. Strengthening these rules will also create better conditions for all creative stakeholders to take risks and promote new talent.”

Creativity Works! looks forward to working with the European Commission over the coming months to develop a robust, evidence-based approach to the Digital Single Market that will support job creation and economic growth in Europe. Strong copyright is just one measure towards ensuring a Digital Single Market that works for consumers, the creative and cultural sectors, and for Europe in the digital age.