Our Vision for 2019 – 2024


Creativity Works! is a leading coalition of Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. Our diverse membership includes writers, screenwriters, book publishers and retailers, picture agencies, music publishers, independent music labels, producers, publishers and distributors of film and audiovisual content, cinema operators, broadcasters, sports event organisers, as well as video game developers and publishers. Expect to meet us around issues related to promoting creativity, media literary and cultural industries; incentivising production and distribution; protecting  copyright  offline and online.

Today Europeans can enjoy over 2 million e-book titles[1], over 50 million musical works[2] and over 3,000 Video-on- Demand (VOD) services[3] are on offer in Europe. Video games deliver experiences that enrich the daily lives of more than 54% of all Europeans[4].

When it comes to culture and creativity, ‘Made in the EU’ is a mark of supreme quality. European creators and their business partners are global leaders in these fields, and their creative works and services are loved the world over. Moreover, their unique cultural and linguistic diversity lies at the centre of our collective European identity  and the EU’s global competitive edge.

Take a look at our Creativity Works_Our Vision and our contribution to the European economy and society!


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