Almost 90% of the most popular and highest quality film and television content is now available in the UK across legal digital platforms, according to a new report compiled by KPMG and published today.

The report, entitled ‘UK availability of Film and TV Titles in the Digital Age’, looks at the availability of the most popular and critically acclaimed film and TV titles on 27 legal digital streaming and download services as of December 2013 in the UK. According to KPMG’s primary research, 86% of the most popular and highest quality films titles were available through an online video on demand service.

The study also finds that:

– 100% of the 2012 UK top 100 box office hits are offered on at least one of the services;
– 96% of the UK all time box office hits are offered on at least one of the services;
– 90% of independent films were available on at least one service;
– 75% of top UK 100 TV programmes were also available one at least on service.

All this mirrors similar success in the music and publishing sectors, where consumers can access more than 37 million individual music tracks and more than 2 million e-books from legal platforms EU-wide.

Commenting on the report, the UK’s Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said:

“The digital revolution means the world’s best creative content – from box office films to some of the UK’s best TV – is available online, and can be accessed through on demand and mobile devices. […] This means there’s never been a better time to watch the latest blockbuster on your internet-enabled TV or catch up on an episode of your favourite TV drama on your mobile on the way to work.”

If you want to read more, check out the report here!