Helen Smith from CW! member IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association) wrote on the Digital Post last week, answering a number of questions about what independent music companies need from a Digital Single Market and copyright.

The article also touches on how independent music companies have embraced streaming services to provide music to fans at their convenience, and the importance of the revenues of today – secured by copyright – for promoting the artists of tomorrow.

Here are some of our favourite soundbites:

“Independents see the digital market as a fundamental leveller, full of opportunity for smaller cultural and creative actors. For that promise to be fulfilled, the digital market needs to become more open, competitive and diverse and of course safe and fair.”

“The reason why people who work in the music ecosystem need copyright to be robust is that it is the fundamental trading tool which allows them to be remunerated. If creators don’t have copyright, the fruits of their labour can be transferred and they don’t have the economic and moral freedom to decide what happens to their work. Even the essence of freedom of expression is undermined.”

“Independents work hard to open new opportunities for their artists and are often ahead of the pack. They were the first to license Napster, in 2001, and they have been at the forefront of the digital market’s evolution ever since.”

“Independents see those who love music not as mere consumers but as fans, as people who are eager to experiment and this is a great match.”

You can read the full article here.