If you’re based in Brussels, you’ve probably seen this week’s special report on Copyright in the European Voice.

Several of CW!’s member organisations are quoted or mentioned:

“IMPALA, the independent music companies’ association, estimated that more than 30 million tracks are available in every EU country.”

“The Centre of the Picture Industry (CEPIC) estimates that “85% of pictures found online by visual search systems are unlawful copies, and 80% of those illegal images have been spread through search engines such as Google Images”

“Chris Marcich, president and managing director of the Motion Pictures Association for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, argues that by and large the EU’s enforcement regime works. But, he says, it is implemented unevenly. Rights-owners find enforcement difficult in Spain, he explains, whereas French and British judges are more robust in granting injunctions under EU law.”

The report also does a great job of highlighting the value of the cultural and creative sectors to the European economy, as well as their role in Europe’s identity and influence on the global stage.

Subscribers can read the report here!