Copyright Plenary Vote: Big Tech Tactics Revealed


Following the July Plenary vote, and the intense disinformation campaign produced by Big Tech, journalists and policymakers alike have uncovered disturbing truths.


  • “False Spam Campaign on Copyrights” email signed and sent by MEP Giorgos Grammatikakis and several colleagues to MEPs.
  • “Google criticised for push against EU copyright reform” –Financial Times (26 June 2018)
  • “Evidence of anti-copyright stakeholders’ harassment of MEPs in the European Parliament” – ElectronLibre (27 June 2018)
  • “Creative industries hit back at internet critics of EU copyright revamp” – Reuters (28 June 2018)
  • “Kreatywni skazani na śmierć (Creators sentenced to death)” – Rzeczpospolita (25 July 2018)
  • “Article 13: Anatomy of a Political Hack- Guest Post by Volker Rieck” – The Trichordist (27 July 2018)
  • “The Google Funded Astrotruf Group that Hacked the EU Copyright Vote” – The Trichordist (28 July 2018)
  • “Google funds website that spams for its causes” – The Times (6 August 2018)
  • “Anatomie eines Politik-Hacks” –  FAZ (18 August 2018)