This week, the European Commission unveiled its Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan and Strategy for IPR protection and enforcement in third countries.

Creativity Works! welcomes the ‘follow the money’ approach of the Action Plan – overall, we see it as a step in the right direction. We’d further highlight the need to improve respect for copyright in Europe more generally, as it is a fundamental right that promotes cultural diversity, safeguards creators’ livelihoods and promotes financial risk-taking in the production, marketing and distribution of creative works. The Action Plan needs to promote a sustainable environment for the creative industries to continue to create, invest and flourish.

Creativity Works! is also pleased to see the Commission’s acknowledgement of the value of the creative sectors and their contribution to EU economy and employment, especially with regard to the rest of the world.

In the words of Commissioner De Gucht on the Strategy for third countries:

“Our businesses, creators and inventors should be duly rewarded for their creative and innovating efforts. For that, and to maintain the incentives that drive innovation and creativity, we must keep working on improving standards with our international partners. We will remain open to adapting our approach according to their levels of development, but underline the positive impacts that intellectual property can have on growth, jobs and consumers.”

We all share a responsibility in ensuring a fair online ecosystem and only close cooperation can make the online world a better place for creators and businesses alike. What’s more, CW! members look forward to contributing to the process. Read more about the Action Plan and Strategy here: