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Creativity Works stands for imagination, innovation, freedom of expression and cultural diversity. Europe thrives on these values. Creativity is a vital component of future recovery and growth across the European Union. Artists, their business partners and the creative process itself are at the centre of everything we do.

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13.12.2023 - Press release

European Parliament’s report on the implementation of the Geo-blocking regulation: The creative and cultural industries applaud today’s plenary vote

The European Parliament voted for culture today and preserved Europe’s cultural diversity along with consumer welfare. Creativity Works!, Europe’s leading coalition of the creative and cult......

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22.11.2023 - News

Geo-blocking and cross-border access campaign

Geo-blocking is one of the foundations for Europe’s creative and cultural sectors, providing Europeans with the means to create, produce, showcase, publish, distribute and finance diverse, high-quality and affordable content. ...

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Broadcasting Regulation

Extending the regulation to online services will not bring positive results for consumers – on the contrary European content creation & its financing is at risk.

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Geo-Blocking Regulation

Including copyright-protected works equals higher prices for less cultural diversity and fewer European works.

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Copyright Directive

Once in a generation opportunity to strike the right balance between users, our cultural and creative ecosystem and platforms.

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Cross-border access

A proportionate solution for cross-border access to digital services

Creativity Map

Your Cultures. Your Europe. Help Creativity. From the instant a creator has the “ah ha” moment to the final product, a significant amount of time and energy has been exerted. Creativity is a process, not something that can be produced on an assembly line or extracted from the ground.

This Creativity Map is a visual representation of the creative journey taken by the thousands of Europeans who are part of this continent’s creative and cultural engines. Click on the map to see the depth and value of European culture, which is under duress from European policymakers.

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